Bloomberg DataDash

The Bloomberg Green scoreboard shows which cities have the unhealthiest air, using data from the OpenAQ platform.

A screenshot of the live air pollution scoreboard on the Bloomberg Green website.

Data are needed to slow and stop climate change. Measuring how far we have to go to arrest greenhouse gases and how successful we have been so far informs what climate change solutions to focus on. It also builds support for climate action

The BloombergDataDash, launched in 2020, is a live climate scoreboard for the world that shares data on arctic sea ice, air pollution, tree loss, real-time power mix, renewable investment, carbon clock, greenhouse emissions, and global temperature.

The air pollution data scoreboard focuses on tiny particles known as PM2.5 that not only contribute to millions of deaths each year, but also harm the climate. The visuals show the population of urban residents living with polluted air and where the situation is the worst.

The air pollution metrics are based on PM2.5 data ingested by OpenAQ from active air quality monitors and sensors worldwide.

For More Information: Visit the Bloomberg Air Pollution scoreboard .

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