About Us

OpenAQ is an environmental tech nonprofit. We aggregate and harmonize open air quality data from across the globe onto an open-source, open-access data platform so that anyone concerned about air quality has unfettered access to the data they need to analyze, communicate and advocate for clean air. By providing universal access to air quality data, OpenAQ empowers a global community of changemakers to solve air inequality–the unequal access to clean air.

OpenAQ was the first to aggregate disparate ground-level ambient air quality data on a centralized open-source platform, making it findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. We started with real-time and historical data from reference-grade government monitors in 2015 and began ingesting data from air sensors starting in 2021. Our platform remains the largest open-source air quality data platform in the world. Read more about OpenAQ’s start in our origin story.

By providing foundational data infrastructure, we fill a basic data-access gap and make it possible for individuals and organizations to fully maximize the uses–and ultimate impact–of air quality data. We also connect users of this data across sectors and geographies to support an international learning environment.

Uses and Users

Our data platform is used for such applications as:

  • air quality, health and climate change research and analysis
  • air quality forecasting
  • air sensor calibration
  • awareness-raising tools for the public
  • journalism and storytelling
  • development of solutions to combat air pollution
  • policy advocacy and enforcement

We serve a wide range of users from the public, private and NGO sectors:

  • scientist, researchers and analysts
  • community advocates
  • journalists and communicators
  • educators
  • national and subnational governments
  • intergovernmental organizations
  • app developers and tech companies
  • and more!

This work wouldn’t be possible without those who monitor air quality and share their data openly on our platform. Thank you, data producers!

Advocacy for Air Quality Monitoring and Data Transparency

As a mission-driven organization without a profit motive, OpenAQ advocates for transparent, publicly accessible air quality data and for more monitoring (especially where people are most vulnerable).

OpenAQ publishes the only global assessment of whether and how national governments are producing and sharing air quality data with the public: Click here to view our 2022 report, Open Air Quality Data: The Global Landscape.

Vision, Mission and Values

See our 2022-2025 Strategic Direction , which emphasizes data coverage and collaborative efforts in low- and middle-income countries and environmental justice communities.


OpenAQ envisions a world where everyone breathes healthy air, enabled by universal access to data.


By providing universal access to air quality data, we empower a global community of changemakers to solve air inequality.


Community & Collaboration

OpenAQ is part of a broad community of air quality changemakers. Our role is to provide the data needed to make change and to empower individuals and organizations to access, understand and use these data. We collaborate with anyone who shares our vision of a world where everyone breathes clean air, and we serve as a connector, linking organizations and individuals who can benefit from sharing knowledge and skills. We communicate openly and directly. We recognize and applaud the achievements of everyone in the field.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At OpenAQ, we recognize that marginalized communities across the globe face worse outcomes in many areas of life due to colonialism and racism, including poorer health driven by disproportionate exposure to air pollution. By providing universal access to air quality data, OpenAQ empowers a global community of changemakers to solve this issue of air inequality. To do this, we…

  • Expand data coverage in marginalized communities
  • Advocate for transparent, publicly accessible air quality data and for more monitoring where people are most vulnerable
  • Engage with communities that are disproportionately impacted by air pollution and are traditionally excluded
  • Equip changemakers with the data infrastructure and tools necessary to reduce disparities

To realize our mission, OpenAQ must be diverse and inclusive. Our focus on diversity includes racial and geographic diversity, as well as diversity in knowledge, perspectives, expertise and lived experiences in communities that are highly polluted and/or lack air quality data. OpenAQ commits to reflect the communities that we collaborate with, bringing people with diverse backgrounds and identities to our team, governing board and advisory board.

Service & Sustainabilty

OpenAQ was founded in service to those who are harmed by air pollution. As an environmental tech nonprofit, we are dedicated to the public good, not private or financial gain. We think strategically and holistically about how we can have the most impact; maintain a positive, hopeful outlook; and run our data platform and organization sustainably so that we can exist as long as we are needed.

Transparency & Trust

Transparency is embedded in the OpenAQ ethos. We share air quality data openly, making their origins clear, so that users can trust their accuracy. We are transparent about our organizational goals and decision-making processes. Our organizational commitment to transparency is key to demonstrating integrity and to building trusting relationships necessary to achieve change. For organizational financials and policies, see Legal & Policies .

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