Platform overview

OpenAQ is the world’s largest open-source, open-access platform for ground-level ambient air quality data.To gather and harmonize the world’s air quality data, OpenAQ searches and scrapes hundreds of data sources to extract and store data. OpenAQ gathers physical measurements, not aggregated values such as AQIs (Air Quality Indexes).

openaq platform diagram

Open Source

OpenAQ is proudly open source and built on open source technology. View OpenAQ’s open-source code on github .

Accessing Data


For programmatic users, the best way to access data on the OpenAQ platform is through the OpenAQ REST API. The API allows programmatic and queryable access to the OpenAQ database.

openaq documentation

To learn more about how to use the OpenAQ API to query data visit .

OpenAQ Explorer

The OpenAQ Explorer is an interactive web application that makes exploring the OpenAQ database easy.

openaq explorer

Visit the OpenAQ Explorer at .

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