Gabe Fosse

Gabe Fosse

Data Analyst & Developer

"Believe in yourself and you are halfway there." -Theodore Roosevelt

Gabe Fosse joined OpenAQ August 2022. In his role at OpenAQ, Gabe works to uncover insights and trends in the organization’s vast repository of air quality data. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining the systems that enable OpenAQ to gather and disseminate this data to the public. As a data scientist and IoT developer, Gabe brings over 10 years of experience across the public and private sectors specializing in neural networks, data systems automation, and environmental technology development.

Prior to OpenAQ, Gabe has a distinguished background in IoT development with a particular focus on utilizing technology for public safety and smart city planning for the City of Albuquerque. Furthermore, he collaborated with Technology Solution Labs to create an award winning civic technology web application, which employs machine learning to enhance enrollment in Head Start preschool programs for the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department. In addition, Gabe honed his skills as an XR developer with immersive design studios, as well as drone cinematography for film productions by Netflix and Sony.

Gabe earned his bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the University of New Mexico with certificates in Cinematography, Data Science, Penetration Testing, and IoT Development. In his spare time, he enjoys performing as a Flamenco guitarist and dance accompanist at home and internationally.

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