Why open data?

OpenAQ was founded on the principle that access to air quality data should be open, free, and accessible. Open data are data that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone.

Benefits of open data include:

  • Transparency and public oversight: Access to open data allows for greater public participation in and oversight of government affairs.
  • Increased collaboration and innovation: Accessible data enable individuals and institutions across all sectors to collaborate in solving key social challenges. Diversity of knowledge, skills and experience leads to more innovative approaches.
  • Equity: Access to open data allows disproportionately impacted communities to advocate for equitable solutions. OpenAQ harmonizes the world’s open air quality data sources into a single comprehensive and accessible open-source data platform.

Our data platform empowers a global community of changemakers to solve air inequality. OpenAQ proudly endorses the Open Data Charter principles and advocates for increased open access to air quality data.