Partnership Project: Predicting What We Breathe

Predicting What We Breathe is a partnership between the City of Los Angeles, California State University Los Angeles and OpenAQ. Funded by NASA, the project has developed a forecasting algorithm for air pollution based on time-series measurements of satellite and ground-level air quality data along with machine learning. The tool has reached an accuracy rate of 80-93% compared to ground data alone.

Researchers at the California State University in Los Angeles use machine learning to do air quality forecasting with high level of accuracy. Stock photo from

The tool will inform policy and public health alerts and will be available on GitHub for use by communities worldwide. Forthcoming work includes integrating socioeconomic data so that the tool can better predict air pollution and its health effects on the most vulnerable communities–those exposed to higher levels of air pollution and its health consequences, which are typically environmental justice communities. OpenAQ assists the team with data aggregation and normalization as well as workshop development and execution.

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