OpenAQ Data Platform: Providing Air Quality Data

OpenAQ’s core function is to make air quality data universally accessible and easy to use. To that end, we work to ingest, aggregate, harmonize and share data on our data platform while ensuring its trustworthiness, reliability and resiliency. Our data platform provides interoperable, temporally fine, real-time and historical data.

This work involves maintaining and strategically increasing data coverage, particularly in low- and middle-income countries and environmental justice communities. We actively seek data produced by reference-grade monitors and air sensors (aka, low-cost sensors) run by governments, research institutions, community organizations, companies and individuals across the globe.

OpenAQ enables programmatic access to real-time air quality data through its API.

To achieve the best platform possible, OpenAQ develops our technology with the following core values:

  • Open: Anyone can access the data for free for non-commercial uses.
  • Open-Source: We believe in transparency. You can see the underlying code.
  • Comprehensive: We continually seek new sources of data around the globe to build a complete map.
  • Accessible: We build tools for a variety of users.
  • Trustworthy: The data on our platform comes directly from the source.
  • Resilient: We work toward a reliable data platform that provides the information users need.

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