Community Engagement

Because data has value only if it is used, OpenAQ introduces potential new users to our data platform and equips users of all abilities with tools to access, understand and use the data. We train groups on how to use the platform, with a focus on reaching potential users who are less data proficient, who are starting out in the air quality space (e.g., early-career scientists), and who are working to reduce air pollution in vulnerable communities.

Attendees engaging at OpenAQ's first community workshop in Ulaanbaatar.

We actively build relationships with people and organizations concerned about air quality, public health and climate change. Key stakeholders include community-based and other civil society organizations; governments and intergovernmental organizations; journalists and other communicators; educators; app developers and technology companies.

We hold webinars on a variety of topics and workshops to help people in various sectors find the most impactful ways they can fight air inequality in their local community, for example:

General Training for the OpenAQ Explorer
National Center for Atmospheric Research - Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling (NCAR ACOM) Seminar Series : November 2023
Presentation to the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Health Action Team : September 2023
Presentation during csv,conf,v7 conference : April 2023
Session on Using Open Data to Fight Air Inequality during the ESIP (Earth Science Information Partners) Winter Meeting : January 2023
A conversation on air quality and open data with the OpenAQ Community Ambassadors : January 2022
Global Community Series: Investing in Air We Breathe : June 2021
Global Community Series: Exploring Possibilities with the OpenAQ Low-Cost Sensor Pilot Platform : February 2021 Global Community Series: Air Quality Data & Citizen Science - Pushing for Environmental Justice : September 2020 Global Community Series: Air Quality State of Play - Openness of data, Averaging Tool, and COVID-19 : June 2020
Global Community Series: Tools for Exploring Air Quality Data : March 2020
Global Community Series: Imagining the Possibilities of a Low-Cost Air Quality Sensor Platform : December 2019 Workshop in Pristina, Kosovo: June 2019
Workshop in Accra, Ghana : May 2018
Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya : May 2018
Workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia : February 2017
Workshop in Delhi, India : November 2016
Workshop in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia : November 2015

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