Partnership Project: Clean Air Catalyst

The Clean Air Catalyst is a global partnership to accelerate clean air solutions by building understanding of pollution sources, designing locally tailored solutions, and creating strategic coalitions to enact long-lasting change. The pilots are led by local teams in Indore (India), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Nairobi (Kenya). Priority is given to reducing sources of pollution that harm vulnerable populations and women, as well as pollutants that both harm human health and cause climate change.

OpenAQ provides support to pilot cities in the Clean Air Catalyst program. Image courtesy of Clean Air Catalyst.

OpenAQ’s role in the partnership is to ingest air quality monitoring data collected during the program and to enhance the capacity of the pilot cities to use the data effectively. We have also helped organize workshops on source awareness and data collection in Indore and Jakarta. Funded by USAID, the project is co-led by the World Resources Institute and Environmental Defense Fund.

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