Luciano Lamaita

Luciano Lamaita


As a technical advisor, Luciano specializes in scientific and technological outreach and transfer in CIC-PBA, a government organization focused on training professionals and conducting research for practical solutions through R&D and Innovation. Currently, Luciano also teaches physics and chemistry at rural high schools in his hometown.

Prior to his current role, Luciano worked as a technician in state environmental control agencies, gaining extensive knowledge and experience in socio-environmental issues. He also served as a process engineer in a major Argentine energy and oil company, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact of industrial activities from both the generator and regulatory perspectives.

Luciano holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Teaching Industrial Disciplines from the National Technological University (ARG). During his undergraduate studies, he focused on catalysis for VOC conversion, resulting in international publications. Currently, he is pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Science Teaching for Scientific and Technological Careers at the National University of Quilmes (ARG).

In 2021, Luciano was selected by Prof. José Luis Jimenez to join a global network of volunteers dedicated to measuring and promoting the importance of indoor ventilation based on scientific evidence linking CO2 concentration to COVID-19 transmission. This experience, along with his interest in Free Software philosophy, sparked his passion for air quality and low-cost sensor-based measurements. He actively contributes to community citizen science projects like CanAirIO and , sharing data and developing rudimentary low-cost meters.

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